Modern Crystal Ball Chandelier for Kitchen

5 Modern Lighting Ideas for Kitchen

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As the center of the family, the kitchen is not only a space for having dinner with the family members, but also a social hub for parties and friends during weekends. How we illuminate the kitchen reflects our personal style. And it also has a lasting impact on our daily lives. In the selection of lamps, it is necessary to choose different types of kitchen lighting according to different positions in the kitchen, like kitchen island lighting. It also need to fit both daily functions and aesthetic characteristics.

With this guide, we'll introduce you to the most 5 common modern kitchen lighting fixtures.


1. Cage Pendant Lighting


golden cage pendant lighting for kitchen pendant lighting


If you are looking for a unique kitchen pendant lighting with charms and personalities, this Cage Pendant Lighting would be a good choice. The bulbs are enclosed in an open-air metal ball, creating a warm and inviting appeal and giving your decor a modern feel.


2. Globe Pendant Lighting


Globe Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island Lighting


Globe Pendant Lighting have both industrial and modern features. The metal lampshade is rounded and has a polished black white contrast finish. The light emits through the white shade. It’s perfect for lighting over kitchen island or hanging kitchen light.


3. Disc Wood Chandelier


Disc Wood Chandelier for Kitchen Island


The kitchen is also fit for being illuminated by modern chandelier. Wood is a very common element in kitchen chandelier lighting, and it brings a sense of tranquility but elegance. Our Disc Wood Chandelier can bring that sense to your decor. It consists of multiple wooden discs which rest at different height. This design ensures the kitchen table, kitchen island or other places you need to light can be fully illuminated.


4. Crystal Ball Chandelier


Modern Crystal Ball Chandelier for Kitchen Island


Featuring a simple and elegant design from Crystal Ball Chandelier, rows of transparent crystal balls are mounted on the canopy. The crystal ball can be individually adjusted, so the chandelier can be customized to suit the length of the kitchen island. It’s usually used as the chandelier over kitchen island.


5. Cylindrical Chandelier


Cylindrical Chandelier for Kitchen Island


This kitchen chandelier, made up of gold crystal tubes, creates a lavish kitchen scene. When inviting friends and family over, highlight your unique tastes with this sparkling kitchen chandelier lighting overhead. Whether you want to use it as a kitchen island chandelier or a kitchen table chandelier, it's suitable for both situations.

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