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6 Modern Staircase Chandelier Ideas that Make a Statement

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A chandelier is a great way to add some personality and style to your staircase. Also it lights up the whole space during night. Staircase chandelier is not only functional, it can also be a great way to express the concept of decoration. Regardless of the size of home, there are a variety of different modern chandeliers to choose from. You need to determine what kind of chandelier is suitable for your home according to your preferences, such as finish color, structure, elements, etc. Indeed, the most important thing is to meet the lighting demands of the staircases.

With this guide, we'll walk you through 6 Modern Staircase Chandelier Ideas that make a statement.


1.Cone-shaped Shades Cluster Chandelier

Modern Staircase Chandelier

The eye-catching cluster chandeliers are the perfect way to illuminate the staircase, like this Cone-shaped Shades Cluster Chandelier. For spaces with elements of industrial aesthetics and stone, metal and wood decorations, choose staircase chandelier with sparkling and simple shades to add elegance.


2. Glass Pebbles Chandelier

Long Chandelier for Staircase

An interesting and bright staircase is the ideal place for modern chandelier with a feeling of lightness and relaxation. This type of staircase chandelier is perfect for complementing the modern and minimalist aesthetic. This Glass Pebbles Chandelier is just the right ambient light to show off your space.


3. Urban Classic Chandelier

Modern Chandelier for Staircase

For modern minimalist staircases, look for chandeliers with sleek eye-catching silhouettes and innovative designs. The Urban Classic Chandelier perfectly fits this standard. It features multi glass balls which rest at different height.  As a modern staircase chandelier, it sure will provide elegant ambiance to your decor.


4. Modern Crystal Chandelier

Modern Staircase Chandelier

Highlighting a striking staircase with crystal chandelier, the Modern Crystal Chandelier appears to drip from the height of the ceiling. This type of staircase chandelier is a guaranteed topic that will draw attention to the architectural features of your space while providing functional light.


5. Modern LED Opal Glass Chandelier

Modern Staircase Chandelier

Modern LED Opal Glass Chandelier is a great option for staircase chandelier which is used in a modern decoration family. Because its structure is simple and it consists of only an oval and a circular shade, also does not use redundant decoration. This can be a ideal option for staircase chandelier of minimalist decoration. It will definitely be the finishing touch to your modern decor.


6. Colored Hand-blown Glass Chandelier

Long Chandelier for Staircase
Hand-blown glass adds an artistic touch to your staircase, while the different shapes on the glass add a sense of stylish. The Colored Hand-blown Glass Chandelier makes the entire staircase luxurious, creating an inviting atmosphere as light emits through the glass.

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